What they don’t want you to know

Hair Weave Health was started to warn women out there about Hair Weaves & Extensions that often have Lice, Worms, Bed Bugs and in some cases, Maggots. Hair Weave Health.com along with the iGotComplaints.com Community does random test in beauty supply stores around the country to check Hair Weaves imported from China, India & South America – The results may shock you!

 Always Look for This Seal Before
You Purchase Any Hair Weaves


Look for this Seal in Beauty Supply Stores,
Hair Salons & Online Hair Stores”

 Know what you are putting on your head…make sure you purchase a healthy-clean hair weave” 

Live Video of Mites in Hair Weave


Live Video of Lice in Hair Weave


Live Video of Maggots in Hair Weave


 See what goes on everyday in Your Hair Weaves ” 


Find out what goes on inside Your Hair Weave Everyday

Germany, France, UK, Austria, Asia, Worldwide map-pin-red-hi

…in all languages 

Check to see if your Local Hair Salon or Beauty Supply Store is listed for selling ; Lice, Worms, Maggots & Bed Bug infested hair weaves.

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