The Best Hair Weaves For Winter

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Hair Weaves can be a women’s best friend. They are the ultimate way to experiment with hair color, style, or cut without having to manipulate your own hair. In the winter, they also serve as a great protective style against winter weather’s damaging effects. Personally, I’ve been experimenting with weaves as a way to let my hair take a break from the constant manipulating I do to it weekly. Here are different types of tested weaves by us from one of my favorite affordable  companies. Check out these really great units you can experiment with this winter to keep your tresses healthy and shielded from the elements.

We tested 8 Hair weave brands for winter and we narrowed it down to two of the best brands for winter. 

This test was done in the following locations; New York, Alaska and Canada. 


This stylish bang- styled wig  is a great option for winter weather. It’s a full wig so you don’t have to leave any of your own hair out. It’s also short enough  to fit under a cute winter hat.



Who says you can’t rock big hair during the winter? This look is great for the gal who still wants to draw attention with a dramatic curly style during the frigid winter weather.



Want a bang with sass? This unit  comes in a variety of two-toned options. If you have a  heart-shaped faced and really high cheek bones,  this wig will probably look great on you.


Brazilian Remi

This Brazilian Remi lace unit is a perfect option for ladies who love it straight and long. It has a part-lace frontal feature so the part looks like it yours. You can play around with the placement of the part and go for a side-bang  or middle part look if you want.




The ultimate mix to the short bob, this wig is great for the lady who loves the look of a blunt bang but wants a little bit of length.


Old-School Style

Want an old-school doobie feel? This wig is perfect go-to winter wig. It’s short, easy to maintain, and flattering to a variety of face shapes. If you go for a wig like this, make sure that your carefully lay your own hair flat under a wig cap. Bulges are never cute!



Marilyn LACE 

Going to a costume-themed winter cocktail party… why not go back in time with this Marilyn style wig? Choose the color that works for you and party classy! Because it’s a full lace unit, you don’t have to worry about styling your own hair.


Silky Straight #1 Monofilament

This wig is perfect for someone who is looking to experiment with style, cut and color. The longer hair in the front and shorter cut in the back are sure to spice up any winter look.  To make the wig look ultra natural, its part lace feature allows you to cut the part and fill in with your own hair.


Straight #Burg Full Lace Indian Remy 

Two Words: Super Simple. This half wig is great for someone who wants a natural looking style that is easy to maintain. Because it’s human hair, it can be also be curled or straightened depending on one’s preference.

Natural Black Brazilian Deep Lace 

Diva Alert!  You might be mistaken for a celebrity  with this super-long wavy wig. Surprise your co-workers or your beau with this ‘do the next time you feel like making a dramatic mid-winter hair change.


Curly Full Lace Indian Human

Recent looks on the red carpet have incorporated the remix pixie cut. Definitely not only a summer time staple, short hair ‘dos can be sexy all year round. This full wig’s voluminous side curls would look sizzling with a fitted suit and classic pumps


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